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Calling All Snack Hackers! Are You Ready To Go Beyond the Dunk?

Whether it’s putting cookies in a pepper grinder to make sprinkles or freezing cookies in milk to make cubes for your iced coffee, we’ve shown you unexpected ways to enjoy an Oreo cookie.

Now we want to see the clever ways you snack an Oreo.

Have you cracked a mind-blowing snack hack that meets the following criteria?

• Oreo is the main component
• It can be done in 4 steps or less
• It’ll make Oreo lovers go “OMG! Why didn’t I think of that!?”

If so, here’s how to submit your snack hacking breakthrough:

Provide step-by-by step instructions of your process (4 or less), accompanied by a pic stitch, .gif, or photo of your finished Oreo Snack Hack.

We’ll feature our favorites on the Oreo Tumblr. If your hack receives the most notes, it will be showcased in the Tumblr Radar to be admired by snackers and scrollers alike.

So grab some cookies and get hacking!

Here are the rules for submitting your stuff:

1. You must be a follower of this Oreo Tumblr to submit.
2. Your cookie-related contributions must be 100% your own.
3. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by Oreo prior to going live on our Tumblr.
4. If it’s NSFW, it’s not suitable for our Tumblr. So please refrain from profanity.
5. Submissions must not be inflammatory to public figures, celebrities, religion, or other brands.
6. Approved submissions may take 10-20 days to be posted.
7. Please respect your fellow Oreo lovers.
8. By submitting a post to us, you are agreeing to the full terms and conditions here